The Camp Shirt: History & Fit

The Camp shirt is an easy casual piece that’s made a comeback in recent years. It calls to mind the carefree style of icons like Ernest Hemingway and Sean Connery as James Bond circa Thunderball—men with a rebellious edge who … Continue reading

The Aloha Shirt: History and Style

The origins of the Aloha shirt can be traced back to 1920s and early 1930s Hawaii. It was inspired by and first made out of Japanese work kimono fabrics, and took the name “Aloha” from the propensity of the 1930s … Continue reading

Perfecting Your Straight Hem Shirt Size

We offer three hem shape options for your custom shirt design: the Rounded Hem, Straight Hem, and Polo Hem. The Straight Hem and Polo Hem are great options for casual shirts you intend to wear untucked, as they’re considered less … Continue reading

Selecting a Watch Allowance

If you’re adjusting the cuffs of your dress shirt to be fairly tight to your wrists and consistently wear a watch on your left or right wrist, you may want to consider specifying a watch allowance. How dress shirt watch … Continue reading

How Tight Should Dress Shirt Cuffs Fit

How tight should dress shirt cuffs fit? The cuff should fit comfortably around your wrist but be tight enough that when buttoned it doesn’t slide over your hand.  A proper fitting cuff is just as important as proper sleeve length … Continue reading

How the Sleeve Width Should Fit

How it should fit This is a matter of taste and a bit subjective.  Generally speaking the sleeves should be slim enough to look clean, but not so tight as to cause discomfort under the armpit or at the elbow. … Continue reading

How the Midsection Should Fit

How it should fit The preferred fit of the midsection is a matter of personal preference.  If you prefer a more relaxed fit, you can make the midsection as loose as you like (although you won’t be able to go … Continue reading